Today's my essay. (In order to success, It is better to be like others more than to be different from others.)

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Nov 6, 2011 15:03
Opinion might be divided over whether in order to success, it is better to be like others or to be different from others. People from different walks of life may take different stance on this issue. Personally, I believe that the benefit of being uncommon from others is much greater than that of being like others, and there are two reasons that could validate my position.

The first point that I would like to make in supporting my view is that innovation leads to succeed. Some people regard general way, which to be like others as a wiser way to be success. Although Entering a new filed seems dissimilar to us, I believe that this unusual way allows us to get more opportunity and increase more chance of success. To illustrate my point, I’ll give you Steve Jobs as an example. As we know that people have remembered him as a world-caliber chief office administrator of Apple. When he started his business, he didn’t have not only enough money to establish his company but also bachelor degree from university. But He launched his world by starting “Macintosh” by using his own creativity and imagine. During his life, he always tried to be different from others, and thought to find a new way can change human life to be more convenience. As the result, he finally made his business up to the top position in Information Technology field. Even though he passed away by incurable pancreas cancer last month, he will live in our mind forever as a pioneer of 21c. Had he not tried to have his own way, we couldn’t have gone into new world.

Another compelling reason that should be taken into account is that our situations are different from one to others. It means that other people’s ways do not suit with your condition anymore. I admit that common methods let us not to waste time and mistakes also provide more effective way. But, our century is very changing quickly than our thought. Therefore, the traditional way of success need to chance can direct more proper direction. This is because
Not only live we in individual societies but also be the aim of success different. As a result, we should analyzed our current situation and find a proper way to solve problems, which we face and achieve goal.

All things regarded, because of the reasons mentioned above, I firmly believe that taking an exceptional way to success is more effective and wiser one.

(Paraphrasing is very difficult. ㅜ.ㅜ)