Today's my summary essay. (How the people who live in ancient city stopped living in?)

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Oct 20, 2011 18:41
In this set of material, both the reading passage and the lecture deal with why people went away living in the great city. Regarding this topic, the lecturer argues that none of the theories are very certain. This contradicts the writer’s claim that there are some theories why they collapsed.

First of all, according to the lecturer, the fire didn’t damage the people, it was small fraction and also archeologist had found some arts, craft in the city after fire. thus, it proves that they lived in the city after the incident. This point challenges the writer’s viewpoint that the collapse had been happened from invasion.

Moreover, the lecturer goes on to say that. The city’s drought was regularly. To be specific, they had experienced during living in the city so they lived by building canal to irrigate. This refutes the writer’s argument that a serious drought and low rainfall caused people to be vanished.

Lastly, the lecturer maintains that. The city’s forest was already clear before people disappeared. Hence, they overcame by trading. This counters the writer’s assertion that The rapid deforestation arouse people to abandon.
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