What happened to my umbrella.

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Jul 20, 2011 11:24
I found a page from social commerce site. the site is Coupang.

Do you know coupang?

The company is one of Social Commerce Companies.

These sites such as Coupang, Wemakeprice, Ticket monster have been hitting Korea since last year.

They provide a product a day by discounting off 50%. and A day means from 12 am to 12 pm.

So, Many Korean usually visit this sites for checking what products are updated.

A week ago, I found an umbrella of Totes from Coupang.

So, I bought it because of I lost an umbrella in bus. and so cheep in comparison with the brand.

I already know Totes umbrella so famous.

but, A incident had been started the day. I bought it Monday. But I waited to receive it for a week. I didn't get it till this Monday.

so, I got upset. and call the company service center. I asked them my problem when I can get it.

then, The men said 'I'm so sorry. There're a lot of orders' so I decided to wait.

and I got my umbrella an hour later. then I was relieved, but When I opened it. OMG.

It wasn't my order. It was not my style. The umbrella color was black printed with flowers.

So I'm confused How I should do it?

If I return it to the company, It needs time and energy.

Anyway, I'll bring at home, and I'll ask it my mother how it is?

If she like it, I'll give her it. ^^