アメリカ文化レッスン② St. Patrick's Day

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Mar 18, 2012 09:06
Yesterday's journal was really random. As an apology, let's discuss real American culture today.

Today is March 17th, so Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
今日は3月17日で、アメリカ人は「St. Patrick's Day」を祝います。

So, do you know what St. Patrick's Day is?
さあ、みなさん、「St. Patrick's Day」って何かご存じですか?

St. Patrick's Day was originally an Irish holiday, but it's celebrated in America too.
「St. Patrick's Day」はもともとアイルランドの祝日だけど、アメリカでも祝われます。

Why? Because in 1860, a lot of Irish people immigrated to America.

Due to a famine in Ireland, there weren't enough potatoes. So, the Irish people came to America.

The immigrants brought their St. Patrick's Day tradition with them, and their descendants still celebrate it today.
その移民はSt. 「Patrick's Day」の伝統を持ってきて、彼らの子孫は今日でも祝っています。

Before I came to America, I didn't know what St. Patrick's Day was.
自分はアメリカに来る前に、「St. Patrick's Day」って何だろうと思っていました。

Every year on March 17th, Americans wear green clothes and drink a lot of liquor. Some people even get smashed. (There are many slang words for 酒浸り, including "sauced," "crunk," and "plastered." They all mean you're so drunk, you lose consciousness)

Because it's St. Patrick's Day, Americans are more tolerant of things you normally wouldn't do.
「St. Patrick's Day」だからこそ、アメリカ人は普段やらないことに寛容になります。

Also, there are worship services at Catholic churches today. Many cities also have parades. At night, Americans normally go to parties.

A friend also invited me to a party, but I will be studying for the GRE by myself.