English lesson today

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May 19, 2011 22:35
Today we used phrases about feelings to make up conversations.

A:Hi.Why do you look so (confused)?
B:It's because (I had lost my wallet and I can't find it everywhere.My ID card is in it.)
A:That's (too bad.)
B:It's enough about me.How about you?

I'm extremely busy on Thursday.
I have an Germany lecture,an science English lecture ,an speaking English lesson at lunch time,and an lecture to draw instruction of house all the time to 18:30.
I stayed up to prepare for Germany test last night,so I got a litte sleepy all the day.
And I hate rushhour.I have caught train full of people for two weeks.I got tired to it.

What I learned from today's lesson is that I have little vocabulary,so I dicided to do some paper work hard.For half year ,I have done nothing but listen basic English conversation on Ipod.-----I think this sentense is wrong,I don't know how to express.