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May 18, 2011 18:34
I have a English lesson today,after lectures of college.
we have four students including me and one teacher who is from Ireland.
At first he took out a paper ball and thrown to me and asked me to speak out a country begins with letter A.It took me 4-second to answer him.After I answered,I past the ball to the next one to move on the game.
When we got tired to the game, he showed us some pieces of litter papers each printed down a country flag and a person on traditional clothe,the pictures helped us to recognize which country it is.However,I don't know so many countries so I got very nervous.
Then he asked everyone to write down anything we known about the countries on the papers.He gave us 5-minite.I tryed my best but I didn't come out many ideas.
I writed^New half^but he told me it's ladyboy in English.oooooooooooh,^New half^is a word made by Japnese and used in Japan only.
There're many ladyboys on TV now.last week I watched a TV show named^London Hearts^.in the show 8 of the most popular ladyboys got together and had words to each other.New people come out and rob jobs from old ^stars^----I think many Japanese would agree with me to call them stars,TV stars.By the way,the most popular ladyboy is 楽しんご now.Maybe you can check him {her}on Youtube.
Anyway.let's come back to my lesson today.
Afer we had a short break,he said this time he would like us to think about the way Japanese are felt about or thought about by foreigners.
We gave ten pieces of opinion,just like ^eat sushi^,^do cozplay^.
Then he asked two guys to play Role A and B.
The dialogue is following.

A:I've heard that all Japanese do sth.(like to do cozplay).Is it true?
B:I think in many(most)cases. It's just a stero-type to think about Japanese.
A:Really?So,Why do people think about it in that way?
B:I'm not sure but maybe it was because...(many vistor visited and took photos in Akihabara where many Japanese do cozplay).

We practised this dialogue for many times,and at last he asked us ^any questions^to conclude today's lesson.

Oh,I forgot something.
He also asked us anything we know about his homeland----Ireland.I just know there is very very cold .what a shame!that's why I seach google now.

This time was intersting as usual.Steven---our teacher.