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Nov 8, 2012 02:01
I subcribed THE TIME MAGAZINE for a term of 2 years once.
Last week the first magazine took a long journey from Singapore arriving to my house in Japan finally.The place on the cover where the stamp should be was a log of Singapore.Since my father had been in Singapore for five years and thank to my father I got close to the Garden City from my childhood.Addition to that,my ex-gb is now studying in Singapore.And in the next two years,I will get a TIME MAGAZINE from Singapore every week.What do you say that? I really have many connections to Singapore.This October,the World Architectural Festa was hold in Singapore.To welcome the world-known festa,there were some new amazing constractures built.Therefore,my friend who want to enjoy a wonderful count-down in the end of this year told me that the Marina Bay Count-Down event!! ...
I want to take a trip to Singapore soon.xD