Popular, dramatic TV series Aoi (Tokugawa Shougun)

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Sep 16, 2012 13:14
①I borrowed popular, dramatic TV series Aoi DVD.
Aoi means Tokugawa Shougun family nark.
②There was a domestic battle East group with West Group in Japan on 15 Sep 1600.
③The leader of East group is Ieyasu Tokugawa,on the other hand the leader of the west group
was Terumoto Mori.
④Because actually he stayed in Osaka castle ,he did not joint at Sekigahara battle.
⑤So actually Mitunari Ishida did a leader role of the West group instead of Terumoto Mouri.
⑥I am interesting in each tactical formation of an army.
⑦The west group had anticipated a two-flanking wings formation.
⑧The east group had anticipated a fish formation.