Staying in Kyoto

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Sep 8, 2012 04:50
①I like to stay in Kyoto.
②From several years ago I had stayed in Kyoto one or two times staying .
③The reason to became like Kyoto ,there are historical buildings ,places ,foods ,interesting
to something.
④For example foods, I like "Kaiseki Ryouri" which is Japanese style dishes.
⑤At first relishes will be put on the table.
⑥What kind of dish should be put on the table I forgot.
⑦Anyway dishes will be put on the table one by one .
⑧Before eat we will enjoy the figure of dish and construct of color, seeing of vessel with relaxing in tatamis private room.
⑨I forgot the order of dishes of "Kaiseki Ryouri", because I had experience not so much "Kaiseki Ryouri"
⑩Also I like tea with Japanese cake.
⑪I would like to make a plan to next stay in Kyoto.