The murder on the Orient Express

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Feb 11, 2018 14:35
The murder on the Orient Express
I watched the film , The murder on the Orient Express at 109 Tokyo in Apia close
Yokkaichi St. As you know author of this film is Agasa Crisry , my favorite Mistry writer

I watched same title films serval times but each film director wer different ,
because this theme is very popular so many director treat this theme to their works.
The first work of Agasa cristee of my watching film was "And then there were none"
When I was in university, I watched this film.
I was shocked to watch this film , because this story was very mysteries for me ,
The point of this mysteries was mental field.

By the way regarding The murder on the Orient Express .
Serval month ago , I watched this title's film on TV, but Japanese version,
The name of Express was Toyo Express.
The Express train was not Orient express but Toyo Express
and the despatcher of the Toyo Express was Shimonoseki st not Istanbul。
termonal st was not Career sty but Tokyo St.
Back ground of this film was beginning of Shouwa era in Japan. And first half of this
film was serious type , but latter half was comedy type.
It was very interesting of me because it was changed from
series style to comedy style in this film .

I think the main story of this film which I watched this time was same as other one.
but I was satisfied with this story too.

The seen which Orient Express run through the mountains witch covered deep snow
in the night was very impressed for me.

My most impression seen was the going train into the silent mountain with deep snow
in mid night.
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