Lois Matykowski lost her diamond wedding ring five years ago.

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Jul 30, 2014 17:03
Lois Matykowski lost her diamond wedding ring five years ago.
She had been looking for it everywhere in vain, and finally she gave up.
However, it turned up that her lovely dog had swallowed the ring.

When she was eating a Popsicle, she noticed that her grandchild's one disappeared.
She heard her ten-year-old dog, Tucker, smacking his lips.
Tucker who was dubbed "food thief" had swallowed the whole Popsicle.

Tucker threw it up after a while and two days later, he vomited again.
Matykowski said that when she was cleaning up his vomit, she discovered her ring in it.

A vet said that apparently the stick pushed the ring in his stomach and helped it get out.
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