A businessman is looking for a buyer for his village in the southea...

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Jul 26, 2014 19:09
A businessman is looking for a buyer for his village in the southeast of South Dakota.
The price is $400,000.

Lance Benson is the sole owner of the unincorporated hamlet in Bennett County.
According to him, he bought the hamlet in 1998, and he give it to his ex-wife when they got a divorce.
He got it back in 2012 and started selling it last week.

In 1940s, there used to be a post office, some houses, a grocery store, and 40 residents.
Now there is a bar, three trailers, and a house in which Benson and his current wife live.
He decided to leave the village because he wanted to focus on his own business.

The hamlet is like a shell of the one that used to be, but the bar, Swett Tavern is still offering heartwarming services.
As the only bar within a ten-mile radius, local cowboys and wheat farmers gather together in it.
Gerry Runnels, a local patron said, "This place is just at the end of the highway and at the beginning of the Wild West."
―Japanese article―
ある実業家が、米サウスダコタ州南西部の村の買い手を探している。値段は40万ドル だ。



村はかつての姿の抜け殻のような状態だが、バー「スウィート・タバーン」は現在も心あたたまるサービスを提供している。半径10マイル (およそ16キロ) 内で唯一の酒場として、地元のカウボーイや小麦農家の人々が集う場となっている。