On January 16th, researchers at Johns Hopkins University announced ...

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Jan 25, 2014 17:45
On January 16th, researchers at Johns Hopkins University announced that people who drink diet soda eat more food than people who drink beverage with sugar do.
It might cause a stir in the role of diet soda.

They analyzed the 24,000 people's data that have been collected for a decade.
It was revealed that obese people consumed almost the same calories of food whether they have low-calorie drink or not.
However, people who drink diet soda ate more to compensate for a lack of calories
According to American Journal of Public Health, overweight people with diet soda consume 1,965 kilo calories, whereas overweight people with regular soda do 1,874 kilo calories.

The leader of the researchers Sara Bleich said that studies considered, it is possible that artificial sweeteners affect metabolism.

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