On January 17th, Ministry of the Environment in South Africa announ...

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Jan 29, 2014 15:08
On January 17th, Ministry of the Environment in South Africa announced that last year, a record 1,004 rhinoceroses were poached for collecting their horns in the country, which is one and a half times as many as that of last year.

In developing Asian countries, such as China and Vietnam, the demand for rhino's horns is increasing, which causes poaching to go up.
According to pro-environment groups, in Asia, rhino's horns are sold for more than $65,000 per kilogram.
The Ministry of the Environment said that 37 rhinos have been killed already this year.
In Kruger National Park, where poaching mainly took place, 606 rhinos were killed last year.
The park is tightening control over poaching by dispatching more soldiers and introducing drones.
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