There is a house where you hear mysteriously banging doors and weir...

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Jan 28, 2014 16:07
There is a house where you hear mysteriously banging doors and weird noise from the basement, and feel like someone is standing behind you...
The house described "a slightly haunted house" is on sale.
It is a 113-year-old Victorian house, where Gregory and Sandi Leeson lives.
Last month, they put up their house for sale.

They advertised it as a haunted house, so there were a few calls from ghost hunters.
A large number of curiosity seekers have come to see the house; however, There has been nobody to buy it yet.
A previous owner said to Mr. and Mrs. Sandi, "When I was a child, I discovered a skull in the basement."
Mrs. Sandi was so scared that she barricaded the door of the basement.
She has heard the sound to set fire to a lighter from the basement.

The advertisement of the house describes, "It's a bit haunted, but not serious. There was scream at 3:13. You might see a dreadful visage in the bathroom mirror."

Mr. Sandi said, "I described our house in jest; it might have failed. Nobody has appeared, who wants to purchase the house seriously. There have been many teasing calls, though."
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