In California, a bill to ban usage of plastic grocery bags passed t...

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Sep 3, 2014 10:50
In California, a bill to ban usage of plastic grocery bags passed the state Assembly.
The bill is also expected to pass the state Senate, and it is highly likely to be legalized.
The bill was turned down before because bag manufactures were dead-set against it.

In some cities in California and Maui County in Hawaii, plastic bags are now prohibited.
If the bill passes the Senate by a deadline of August 31st, it will be the first time for state governments to ban plastic bags.

On August 28, the bill passed the Assembly by a 44-29 vote.
This bans retail stores from using plastic bags and gives bag manufactures subsidiaries in order to encourage them to replace plastic bags with multiple-use bags.
Customers will purchase a paper bag or compostable bag for 10 cents.
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