A painting by Gauguin that was stolen in the UK in the 1970s was fo...

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Apr 28, 2014 10:32
A painting by Gauguin that was stolen in the UK in the 1970s was found at a men's house in Sicily, the south of Italy.
The man bought it at an auction in 1975 and displayed it at the kitchen.
Allegedly, it is worth of 10 to 30 million euros.
Along with it, a painting by Bonnard, a French artist in the end of 19th century, was discovered.

According to the police, after two paintings were stolen from a house in London, they were found left on a train in Torino, north of Italy.
The railroad authorities didn't know the worth of the two paintings.
When they auctioned them in 1975, the factory worker purchased them for 45,000 lire (23 euros).

He moved to Sicily after his retirement.
His son noticed that the paintings were similar to pictures in an old catalog, so he asked experts, which led to this discovery.
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