A woman put seven frozen lobsters' tails into her pants in a su...

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Jul 8, 2014 13:52
A woman put seven frozen lobsters' tails into her pants in a supermarket in the center of Florida and walked out of it without paying.
She was arrested for shoplifting.

A security guard at the supermarket, Publix, told the police that he noticed 30-year-old Nichole Ann Reed stuffed her pants with the lobsters.
She left the Publix after walking around it.

The police found her an hour after the incident.
Reed said to the police that she entered the supermarket to steal lobsters.
The lobsters that she stole was worth $84.
According to the police files, she had promised to trade her friend the lobsters for a Chinese buffet or a prescription painkiller, Dilaudid.

She posted $250 bail.
― A Japanese article ―

スーパーマーケット「パブリックス」の警備員は、水曜の夜、ニコル・アン・リード容疑者 (30) がロブスターをズボンに入れているのに気づいた、と警察に語っている。彼女は店内を歩き回ってから、店を出て行こうとした。