In general, people have someone that they don't want to bump in...

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Apr 24, 2014 10:52
In general, people have someone that they don't want to bump into on the street, such as ex-partners and they have just fought.
An app has been created to avoid accidental encounters and it is drawing public attention.

"Split" is the application developed by Israeli company.
If you log on to Facebook or other social networking sites and set up someone that you don't want to run into, the app sends an alert and shows a route on a map to get around them if they are approaching.

Udi Dagan, developer of Split, pointed out that the app is helpful and said, "Everyone has someone that they don't bump into on the street. For someone, it might be ex-partners and for someone, it might be their bosses or relatives. People tend not to want to run into such people during their spare time."

Some people say that the app is antisocial, but the developer said, "Being unsociable means to keep to themselves totally. In fact, everybody wants to be alone sometimes."
― A Japanese article ―