It was very easy to identify the suspect of a break-in that occurre...

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Jul 22, 2014 09:59
It was very easy to identify the suspect of a break-in that occurred in South St. Paul, Minnesota, last week.

The suspect broke into James Wood's house.
He used Wood's computer to log in to his Facebook page and left the house without logging out.
He left his wet cloth behind and tried to meet up with Wood to get back his cloth.
Wood said to a local TV station, WCCO-TV, "The suspect is the stupidest criminal in the world."

According to the South St. Paul police, the culprit stole his credit card, cash, and watch.
Wood posted his phone number on the suspect's Facebook page before the suspect sent a message saying he wanted to get back his cloth.
When the suspect went up Wood, Wood recognized that he was the man from the Facebook page.
Wood called the police, and then he was arrested.

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