On June 23, the organizer of the oldest tennis competition, Wimbled...

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Jul 15, 2014 11:18
On June 23, the organizer of the oldest tennis competition, Wimbledon, announced that the rules, which allow players to wear only white uniforms and socks, would be strictly enforced.
Female players' colorful tennis skirts and undergarments won't be seen any more.

Jon Friend, a spokesperson for Wimbledon, said that they made a guideline that requires uniforms and underwear are white.
Only accessories like headbands are allowed to be colored.
However, he said that many female players still wore colorful undergarments after the guideline was created.

The organizer, the All England Club, made sure players had been informed about the rules by sending letters and posting a notice board in locker rooms.
If players violate the rules, they are told to change uniforms.
― A Japanese article ―


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