Ann’s House

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Jan 12, 2013 03:15
Ann has a nice little house. Near the building is an apple garden. Between a neat rows of trees growing dahlias. There are narrow path, which leads to the house. On the wooden porch stays an old couch, where all Ann’s friends can sit after dinner. The house is very cute; it’s white building with red roof and white windows. There are 3 rooms inside: Kitchen, bedroom and living room. Living room is the biggest room in the house. There are green wallpapers on the wall, near the fireplace staying couches with green upholstery. On the floor lying an old wool carpet. Near the one of the walls stay bookshelves. Kitchen is a little room with a tiled walls and wood floor, where are all household appliances, which Ann needs. In particular there are dishwasher, cooker, refrigerator and microwave. Ann’s bedroom is very comfortable; it’s little room with blue walls and a wood floor with a black carpet. There are Ann’s photos on the walls. In this room are bed, couch, table, chair and Ann’s computerall what needs student. In his room is jib-door in the bathroom. Floor and walls in that room are white; there are toilet, shower and sink. I like her house.