My last summer.

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May 15, 2011 22:39
I with joy remember last summer.Summer it is beatiful time.In our city a winter ofter cold:strong frost,snow storm,ice.Auturm will joy us the what nature will comes alive become warm and affectionate.Trees and land will don green outfit.Summer will gives the possibility travel,opening new picture sque corrers of motherland.This summer I and my friends went in small town of Alushta who situated about Krim of resort.Here we saw rocks,hills,lakes.In the evening we went on the marine exurcion along the coast on boat.I sometimes felt sea sichness.During the exurcion we acquainted with such town as Yalta.Yalta it is centre tourism and enternaiment- well-groomed parks,alleys,wonderful beach,waterparks and many cafe , all this attracted many tourists every summer. The final item our travel became Alupka of town.Alupka it is famous for the former manor of princes Voronsov an outstanding monument Russian culture.Alupka have beatiful botanical garden,when contains a collection of plants from all over the world.The travel brought to us un forgetteble impressions.I advice all who is going to summer months in our places go in summer journey!
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