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Testimonials from My Friends

His entries are very touching and I recommend for others to read them : ) He is also an awesome person, and I'm happy he is interested in Russia! I wish him all the luck in studying Russian and psychology! Удачи!
He is a great person trying to care, honor, and giving Hope to children.I feel that his writings are like the world's best literature. I do hope to read his best entries.
After reading a few of your journal entries I almost shed tears. (but I have to control my emotions because I don't have a box of tissue paper with me now) Your profession is really good. I can see your passion. Do not compare with your friends being a genius or intelligent psychologist. You're a successful and intelligent psychologist too. I believe God place you in this field for a purpose. It is your calling. Now you have inspired me to put in more effort to help the needy children. Because end of this February I'll be heading to China for some charity work to help the poor and needy children over there. I will try my very best to educate the children and teachers in China with the materials that my friends and I have prepared. I think the need to educate them, show them care and love is very important. Please continue to write more about your experience and findings. It will definitely encourage or inspire someone to do good towards the society. I'll keep you in my prayers. May the Lord bless you abundantly.
BVLGARI has an amazing heart. His work is wonderful and he is a wonderful person for having so much dedication. More people should be like him.