Obama calls for immigration system reform

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May 11, 2011 16:18
I summarize the article below and write my own response to it.
I try to write as short as possible so that you won't lose motivation to correct my English :)
I understand that too long sentence deprive us of motivation to read and correct it :(

[Obama calls for immigration system reform]
from BBC, 10 May 2011

In order to tackle the problem of illegal Hispanic immigrants, President Obama decided to reform the US immigration system. The immigrants who have good skill and motivation would be allowed to legally participate in American society, while those who don't have them will be deported to their country. Furthermore, the border security between the US and Mexico would be reinforced. Some conservatives condemn this proposal as an unacceptable for those who have broken the law. It is said that the Hispanic votes contributed to Obama's victory at the presidential election in 2004.

<My Respond>
This seems good way to deal with the illegal immigrants problem in the US.
In the US, a large number of Hispanic people has already settled down and has their own lives.
Because of its huge number it is quite difficult to arrest all the illegal immigrants.
Furthermore, they are actually contributing to the American Economy as cheap labor forces and as consumers.
That's why giving amnesty to them seems justified.

By the way, those who live in the US, what do you think about this article or issue?
I am lookin' forward to seeing your comments :)
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