Chinese story, named In Pursuit of the Sun

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May 16, 2011 15:03
There are a lots stories in China. Maybe, you know one or two about Chinese story. Today, I'll tell you a story named In Pursuit of the Sun.

A long time ago, there was a family which lived in forest. And everybody had giant body. In the forest, nobody could beat them. And the leader of them named KuaFu. KuaFu was a great leader. He was strong, smart and brave. He let his family happy and safety in poor environment.Until, something came.

One year, the weather was so hot. Because of the hot sun, the trees and crops were died. River didn't have water. KuaFu was worry about that, so he decided to run after the sun and caught it. He wanted to control it. But somebody laughed at him. They thought he was crazy and he would be died when he touch the sun. But he never gave up his decision.

Then, he began his trip. Run and run, he thought the mountains and the rivers. When he hungry, he ate some wild fruits. When he tired, he took a short nap. But, he never gave up and always encouraged himself. He just thought everyone would be happy when he caught the sun and he would caught the sun soon.

In the end, he was success. He touched the sun, but it so hot and made KuaFu tired and thirsty. He wanted to drink, and drank out of the Yellow River and the Wei River. But he still thirsty. He went to DaZe River,because the DaZe River had enough water to help KuaFu to thirst. Unfortunately, on the way he died of thirsty. But his cane into a large peach trees. when people passed here, it could eliminated people's thirsty and tired.

It is about In Pursuit of the Sun story. It tell us never to give up your dream or your decision. So I never give up my English and insist on it. Come on!