Reborn(5.12 Wenchuan-earthquake)

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May 11, 2011 22:47
Do you know the Wenchuan earthquake in China? It has in past 3 years ago.Tomorrow is May 12,it let me remember sad and pain things again.
Today,my classmates and me attend in a about "help disabled people when injured in Wenchuan-earthquake"activity as volunteers. In the activity, the disabled people are unfortunately .They lost their legs.So they must sit at wheelchair.Sadly, lots of them are children.I'm so sorry to hear that,because they don't have Complete childhood.But,I don't see the expression of pain in these kids'faces.I think them still are Strong and confident. Although they lost their lets,we give more love to them.
I know the same earthquake happened in Japanese.Many people are suffering from the earthquake and the tsunami.I wish you will be strong.You can beat the disaster and rebuild your house.Come on!!!
In my opinion, the disaster can destroy our homes and our body.But,it can't destroy our heart.Because of the disaster,we get together;Because of the disaster,we are more cherishing our families;Because of the disaster,we learn the true meaning of life.