An Ucushion, A Float Cushion

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Aug 16, 2012 10:49
I read an article about a new product called “ucushion.” in Japanese. Its name is created by combining the Japanese word “uku(ucu)” meaning float and the word cushion . The part “cu(ku)” is overlapped.

The president of a sporting-goods company got the information on a couple who had survived the 3.11 tsumani thanks to their life jackets after being swept away as far as 7km. He went to Ishinomaki, disaster hit area to listen to them what they said.

They said that when the tsunami came close to them, they thought they might not survive, jumping into thir life jackets. But the next moment, they expected that if they were killed, their bodies would be retrieved and brought back to their family as long as they kept on floating in the lifejackets. Though they were drifted away in their house from the seaside along a river to the inland, they were survived.

After listening to their story, the president realized that it is illogical of those who live in the areas where the tsunami and flood can hit, not to prepare the lifejacket. He soon took on producing a lifejacket for tsunami disaster. It’s used as a cushion daily, but it can be a lifejacket in an emergency by removing its cover.

The product is not only very useful but its naming is so humorous that people remember the name easily. And I guess they sell well.

浮くっしょんという名の新商品についての記事を読んだ。その名前は日本語の“浮く” と“クッション”から造語された。“く”の部分は重複している。