Dances with Wolves

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Jun 4, 2011 02:25
It's hard to find something to write about. Everyday I wonder what I could tell.

Yesterday night, there was a western on the French channel France 2. In general, I like westerns but they're often the sames, with a cow-boy who can easily kill fifteen persons alone. I thought it would be another one. So I decided to watch it, not convinced yet.

It was very long, but also very good. I won't tell you the story, you may have already watched it, or not.

Of course it's very... "romantic", maybe too much. The indians are the good guys, and the whites are the bad ones.

However, this movie is very poetic and touching. It's an "invitation to the voyage", just like Into the Wild is. It gives you something to think about, it raises questions.

That's why I like cinema, for the questions that it raises and the strange sensations in which it puts you and that you can hardly understand.

By the way, what is your favorite movie ?

Mine is Fight Club.