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May 8, 2011 00:30
I hail from Algeria. Actually, my father came in France for his "Doctorat" (the equivalent of Ph.D). Thus, the half part of my family live there (or can we say "my father's side family" ? It sounds weird...).

Life is so different than in France, even if with the globalization, soon it will be quite similar. There are a lot of people walking in the streets, going to the markets or drinking a coffee with their friends. They do not stay at home in front of their TV set or their computer. But gradually, this is what they are going to do.

Nobody walk in France. Even if they go to the baker which is not far from their house, they take the car.

People are not hurried in Algeria. They are not selfish and distrustful, they are smiling. They are not rich but they offer you all they have, and sometimes more. The opposite of people here.

And have you ever eaten algerian cuisine ? You should... :)