Return After the Holidays

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Oct 9, 2011 03:01
It's been a while since I haven't submitted a text in English here at Lang8. Indeed, I've been quite busy in the past weeks. Going back to university after a 3-month holiday is not that easy. Classes are also much more difficult, and very boring. This semester is the more important in two years. Actually, I'm not really at university. I am, but I'm not. I'm in an engineering school based at the university. One has to study 5 years after the Baccalauréat to become engineer in France. In my school, during the two first years, classes are very general. A year is divided in two semesters. Then, after the 3rd semester, we put choices of specialities we want to do for the next three years in a list. There are some 60 different specialities, from civil engineering to food engineering, in a dozen of schools located all around France. Specialities are attributed according to the 3 first semesters' results. That's why the 3rd one is crucial.

Apart from that, I work on Saturdays in a Lidl (discount store chain) warehouse as an orders' preparator. Ten hours each Saturday, and I can work 35 per week during holidays.

Although ten hours may seem an eternity, I prefer working there over being in class. I drive a little engine (I don't even know the name in French) that can carry pallets. On a touchscreen, orders from different Lidl stores appears and the orders' preparators have to prepare those orders on pallets, so that the trucks can bring the orders to the stores. It's like a Tetris game, to build a steady pallet.

I still have the time to work on languages though! :p
I've been reading books in English, and it has been helping me a lot! Writing such a text would have taken me so much time before, but now I feel much more confident, even though I know there are lots of mistakes. ^^
I also try to listen to at least 30 minutes of Portuguese and Spanish and English every day. Plus, I learn some German vocabulary, so that I am able to start to study it when I want to. From what I've learnt so far, German vocabulary is very similar to the English one. What a chance!

I stop here because it's becoming too long, I'm not used to it!

Thanks for reading.
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