French Prejudices

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Jul 21, 2011 00:52
Here are prejudices that can exist about nationalities or origins in France. Some are jokes, and, sadly, others aren't (it also depends on the people). Of course prejudices come with ignorance.

In Europe:

- Portuguese: they are hairy. Everybody knows that a kiwi fruit is a Portuguese egg. They are poor.
- Spanish: they speak too much and too quickly (especially my neighbour). They like fiestas. We don't like them because they're good at sports (football, tennis, cyclism...).
- Italians: they are mafia, racist, sexist, catholic, just like their president. They have the most beautiful language but they speak too much and too loudly. Italian girls are beautiful but temperamental. Guys are bad lovers, they wear pink clothes ("Ce sont des tapettes"). We don't really pay attention to them because they are bad at sport, except at football where they cheat and simulate ("Car ce sont des tapettes").
- Greeks: they are lazier than us, their functionaries strike even more than ours!!!
- Romanians, Bulgarians: they are either prostitutes or Roms, which is worse.
- Polish, Russians: they are alcoholics.
- Eastern Europe in general: all women are prostitutes.
- Swedish: Swedish women are blond, thin, perfect.
- Swiss: they are rich bankers.
- Germans: they've got the ugliest language on earth, they are nazis.
- Belgians: they are not serious with their accent and their way of speaking (it's the same for the Quebecois), but are friendly. We like making fun of them, and they like making fun of us.
- English: we respect them, but they are too serious. They eat horrible things such as jely or pudding, one of the most horrific nightmares for a French. They still adulate a queen and her family.
- Scottish: they are English with kilts.
- Irish: they all have red air, and we like making fun of red hair people.

In the rest of the world:

- Asians: they have slanted eyes and are very small. We call them all Chinese, even if they're from Korea, Japan, Vietnam... They only eat rice, sometimes with dogs or bugs, whales for the Japanese. They work too much.
- Thai: they are Chinese but their women are all prostitutes, and people go there for sexual tourism.
- Africans (black people in general): they are lazy, only good at athletism or football (but they're not technical, they only run).
- Arabs (and all people who look like Arabs, such as Turkish, Afghans, Iranians): they are thieves, terrorists. They come to France for the allocations and steal our jobs. They're too many in France.
- Americans: they are too puritans and speak vulgarly . They are all fat and self-centered. They have no culture but they invented Mac Donalds so we like them.
- Brazilians: they are football players. They all live in favelas, and they dance on the beach. Brazilian women are beautiful.

In France :

- Corsicans: they are terrorists and don't like France.
- Alsatians: they are Germans.
- Ch'tis: they are Belgiums, so they can't be serious.
- Toulousains: they are rugbymen.
- Massilians: they exaggerate everything. If they tell you that they've seen a 1 meter size fish, you must understand that it didn't exceed 20 cm.
- Parisians: they are arrogant, unwelcoming. They feel superior, and Parisians' taxi drivers are the rudest persons on earth.

French in general: it's agreed that we strike, critize, and moan too much.

I'm sure that it exists a lot of prejudices about French too. :p