The human minds can't recover easily.

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May 7, 2011 21:48
About 2 months has passed since a big earthquake happened.
When it happened, I was just in Miyagi prefecture, located in Tohoku area.

At first, the people in Tohoku area couldn't use water and electric systems,
and they were suffered from lack of foods.
I thought I might die then.

Now, they can use those systems, take trains, and eat enough foods.
Most infrastructures have been recovering gradually.

I moved to another town from Miyagi on this April.
My friend in Miyagi called me today,
and she said, 'I have had a bad dream everyday since the earthquake occured.
I can't sleep well, actually I begun to go to see a psychiatrist in these days.'

I was very sad to hear her story.
I realized that the earthquake was terribly
shocking to her mind, and some people's minds can't recover easily.

I longed for living a house near the sea before.
But now, I don't want to live in it at all, because if a big wave would happen,
I may be struck by it.
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