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Jul 16, 2012 20:12
My friend is an actor in New York.
Three years ago, she left Japan and got into an actor's school to be an actor.

She told me how hard foreigners become actors in the big city (of course not only foreigners but natives).

The first reason why it's so hard is the language barrier. Audiences might not care about actors' English so much, but most actors are conscious about their language skills. It's because actors tend to be a perfectionist.

The second is American audiences are better or worse very honest. They clearly criticize actors' performances. It makes performers depressed quite often.

The last is that the styles of performance are different in each country. Broadway shows seek for 'reality', whereas Japanese shows are more likely to pursue to make people happy, which means it's a fake.

I can't say which is better, but the scale of shows between US and Japan is significantly different.
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