I Finally Found Out!

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Jan 22, 2012 06:45
I talked about what I want to do in the UK at my ex-entry.

I had wanted to teach Japanese to English people since I came here and I finally found out my students!!!

I first met them when I joined to volunteer last week.

They were my co-workers and they were exactly looking for a Japanese teacher.

Both of them used to live in Japan many years ago, but they didn't have a chance to learn Japanese after coming back to London.

I never imagined that some English people are interested in Japanese.

I'm so happy that they love Japanese culture!

I was planning on earning tuition fee from them, but I changed my mind.

We decided to teach each other because I also want to improve my English and I might feel uncomfortable if I get money from them.

I just want to get along with them.

Clearly, I'm not talented to run my own business....