A Racial Problem

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Nov 10, 2011 05:54
Today, I read very interesting article which was written by an American psychologist.

The article says that people from Puerto Rico have higher self-esteem than one from the Dominican Republic despite that both countries are located in almost the same position geographically.

That is because the skin color of Puerto Ricans is lighter than that of Dominicans, and the formers can speak English better than the latters.(That's why the formers can get a good job).

Is that true?

I have never cared my skin color because I was born and brought up in Japan (Japan is a mono-cultural nation).

However, I have started being conscious of my race since I came to UK because Asians are a minority here. Besides, of course I can't speak English like native speakers so that I sometimes feel isolated.

Although America is said to be 'melting pot', perhaps some people cannot have confidence due to the reason why they were not born in the country.

A racial issue is very complex.