An Amusing Day

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Jul 2, 2011 21:32
I went to amusement park with a friend of mine. I like gun-shooting game. So we played two kinds of gun-shooting games. But I'm not a good player. After leaving the amusement park, we went to a shop called "Village Vanguard." We looked for some nice things. I found a comic of Doraemon, I couldn't decide I should buy it or not soon. But finally I bought it. After we left the shop, we went to two ther shops and only looked something in the shops. At a half and seven o'clock we decided to go to ra-men restaurant for supper. The restaurant is Arigataya(Thank you in English.) I ordered salty ramen. It tasted mild for ramen, and good. After the supper my friend drove me to home. I thanked him.