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The Power of Translation and Anime

At the individual level, being monolingual can be a disadvantage, but at the national level, it could be an advantage that the majority o...
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Sep 15, 2014 17:01

Is English a ticket to affluence?

Unlike many English speakers who learn Japanese, the majority of Japanese people learn English for practical reasons. They learn it becau...
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Sep 9, 2014 09:12

The reason why some Lang-8 members send you a blank “Friend Request”

I sometimes see Lang-8 members complain about people who send a “Friend Request” without a message. I’m annoyed by such requests too, but...
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Aug 23, 2014 10:03

Born to Play With native lang

I wonder if we were born to play. I wonder if we were born to frolic. When I hear children playing, I feel my body start moving. Whe...
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Aug 20, 2014 09:02

The Damned Dumplings—恐怖のギョーザ

In Japan, summer is the time for horror stories. Since the Japanese summer is terribly hot and humid, we appreciate the chill scary stori...
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Aug 2, 2014 12:23 horror story fiction
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Testimonials from My Friends

May is a very intelligent lady, who knows a lot about the Japanese language and linguistics in general. She always corrects my poor Japanese and I’m really grateful for her help. Her corrections are very precise and easy to understand. Her comments are detailed and always helpful. Whenever I asked her something, she was willing to help me. As her other friends have already said, May is a very nice person and her comments cheer me up every time. I’m glad to be her student and friend on lang-8. Although I’m a little bit afraid to use English in front of her, because her English is just top-notch. ^^;

I'll tell you all a little secret. It's one where when you hear it, you'll laugh at me and start calling me names, but look at all the friks I give: ----. may's a translator, something I actually aspire to be, and as a matter of fact, she inspires me. A lot. Intelligent, witty, understanding and tolerant, she puts up with my immature attitude (she's probably thinking "Aww jeez man, how much more of this idiot kid do I have to put up with?" every-time she sees me type something). Like the mother I never had, the teacher who allowed you to copy the person next to you in a test, or the cool auntie that sneaks you a chocolate cupcake even though she knows you're diabetic, ladies and gentlemen: may382.
私はMAYさんにいつもプレゼントをもらっています。^^ 言葉ってプレゼント^^ MAYさんが紹介して下さらなかったら、今までずっと知らないままだったかも知れない言葉との縁を大切に思っています。^^ いつも私と一緒に考えてくださって、ありがとうございます。 MAYさんが紹介してくださった言葉はいつも私をわくわくさせています。^^ 新しい言葉との出会いは恋に落ちる瞬間に似ていると思いますが、MAYさんのおかげで私はいつもそういう感情を感じています。^^ LANG8に日記を書きながら、癒されている感じだと思ったのは、多分私が見ている何かを誰かが一緒に見てくれているからだと思います。^^ 私と一緒に見てくださって、一緒に考えてくださって、そして一緒に感じてくださって、本当にありがとうございます。^^ 私は本当に恵まれている人間ですね。^^=============眠れなくて遊びに来ました。^^ラーメンでも食べようか悩んでいます~~ ー2012年1月4日 肉まんのように成長(太っている)しているハナよりー
may382 is the coolest person i've met on lang-8 so far. not only does she make great corrections, but her journal entries are the best i've seen here, extremely helpful, written in perfect english. also, i like talking with her about random things(the more random the better), and she often has cool recommendations. she has unique quirks, like listening to some weird chants, but i think i'll stop here...:D
Lang-8のたのしみは、通常の生活を送っているだけでは出会えないであろう、言葉好きな人とお友達になれることでしょう。知り合って、おそらく一ヶ月も経っていないのに、既に数多くの言葉をmay(五月=さつき!?)さんとは交わした気がします。添削方法、文章のニュアンス、言語学習方法のこと。細かい所に気がつくのに、大らかな冗談を受け入れてくれ、とことん語義の解説に付き合ってくれるのに、大きな文脈を忘れない。大きく叩けば、大きく響き、優しく語りかければ、ささやき混じり。揺れては返す、大きな鐘のような存在です。そんなわけで、もし貴方がMな体質なら要注意。それは彼女の中のS的要素を増幅させかねません。あ、Mならそれで本望なのかな。Anyway, thanks so much for your joyful comments all the time!