Tokyo marathon 2012 lot

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Aug 20, 2011 12:39
The result of 1st lot for Tokyo marathon 2012 has been announced lately.
This 1st lot selects 2000 peoples out of prevencient entry for premium member.
I am afraid I was not selected one of 2000 peoples.

4 years ago, I had fat body, heavy smoking, overtime working and no exercise and sports.
However, Tokyo marathon changed my mind to do running and exercise.
I thought I want to take part in Tokyo marathon and run around urban aria for Tokyo.
That's why I have been ruuning due to building up my health.

Unfortunately, I have not taken part in Tokyo marathon because I was not selected by lot for 3 years.

I still have general lot.
The applicants were 10 times as many as the fixed member last year.
I really hope to take part in Tokyo marathon next year or someday.