About HAIKU ~Japanese Poerty~ ①

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Apr 30, 2011 00:24 English Japanese

Since one of my hobby is making HAIKU, I would like to write about it as my first column.

HAIKU is a Japanese Poerty which is made up by syllables of 5 7 5. Of course, the rhythm of it is a important factor but the most important thing is to choose one season word that seems to fit the poerty most.( A season word is a code phrase that denotes the season.)
Well, actually, it doesn't mean that you always have to keep it in the rhythm of 5 7 5 or find a season word, but it is one of the basic rules.

For example, a cumulonimbus is one of the season word for summer.( I know that it is still spring in the Northern hemisphere, but today was a hot day in Japan so I would like give this word as an example.)

An electric cord,
ranging far far to the
cumulonimbus cloud


( I'm not sure if this gives the same nuance...)

What' cool about HAIKU? I think there are two points. One is that you can express your feelings in such a short phrase. The another is that HAIKU makes us possible to share the impression you got when you saw a beautiful scenery, read a awesome story, and so on.
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