The role of religion in Indian society – its merits and demerits

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Jun 19, 2011 22:30
Religions not only have been serving as the foundation of the culture of India, but have had enormous effect on indian politics and society. Most of events in India is related to religions. Without understanding of the role of religion in India, we wouldn't able to analyse India society.
Hinduism is the most dominant religion in India today. Over 80% indian practice Hinduism. In this reason I want focus on Hinduism to explain about the role of religion in India society.
Hinduism is the fundamental root of Indian culture. Indian philosophy, architecture, cuisine, festival have been influenced by Hinduism. In my opinion, The greatest advantage of Hinduism is blossom of Indian culture. In addition, many of indian people make an effort to conduct morality. Because they believe 'samsara', 'karma'.
Notwithstanding Hinduism have been causing discrimination and conflicts in India. The worst effect is caste system. The discrimination has been justified under the name of religion because caste system has been deep rooted indian's spirit. Many people in india live in misery due to caste system. And Hindu-Muslim trouble produces great tension in India society. For example during the process of partition of India many lives died, many other sere raped and looted. This conflict has existed till now.