My name is Maciej Karolczyk.

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Feb 17, 2013 22:27

My name is Maciej Karolczyk. I'm on first grade of masters degree in Administration
on University of Lodz, Faculty of Law and Administration and 3rd grade in japanese
philology on Lodz Academy of International Studies. I would like to apply for taking part in Erasmus program and study in Szeged University, Istanbul Bilgi University, Yeditepe University or Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in academic year 2013/2014 (Only for winter semester).

I would like to justify my application to Erasmus program with my wide interests in
foreign cultures. I'm advanced (both in writing and speaking) in english and beginner
in japanese language. Erasmus exchange would allow me to continue development of my
languages skills and career in public administration. The Languages of chosen
countries are either Finno-Ugric or Altaic anguages what makes them similiar
grammaticaly to japanese letting me assimilate them faster than the other languages . Next undoubted fact – high level of education in all universities chosen by me could help me open up new
horizons in my law-administative career. Rich and long history of this cities for
sure could have a great impact on my Masters degree thesis, which focus on political
and social doctrines in european countries. I've been woring in international company – Infosys for 8
months reconciling both majors with full time work. As my work duties I have to
interact with various foreigners, which gives
me experience in international contacts. Yet, unfortunately I have not got
opportunity to develop my skill abroad, what makes Erasmus a great chance to test

I’m applying Only for Winter semester Exchange, Since I have to prepare myself for thesis Demence in summer semester. I Hope my application will be accepted.
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