Mobile phones cause social, medical and technical problems. In what forms do these problems appear? Will it overweigh advantages in future?

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Apr 27, 2011 20:29
Mobile phones are rapidly developing these days. As the world came to new technology generation, we cannot live without mobile phones. However, many problems are appearing caused by mobile phones. This essay will discuss some advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

There are some problems. Firstly, mobile phones cause social probles. Many people who are using the mobile phones tend to want to have communications with other people than chat with others face-to-face. This is why misunderstanding is increasing more and more and people can be isolated from their society. Secondly, there is medical problem either. According to a survey, one doctor said that someone who use mobile phones all day is more higer probablity to have diseases such as cancer than others who do not use phones not very much. The most serious probles is mobile phones' addictiveness. It causes a lot to especially young people. Addictiveness disturbs young people because they are hard to concentrate on their own studies.

On the other hand, there are some advantages to use mobile phones. As people know, mobile phones brought new technological world, so most people use it and take it. It is one of the developes technology, so it gives us convenience. For instance, if someone want to tell something to friend, they can just call and tell. However, if they do not use mobile phones, they would feel very uncomfortable.

In conclusion, there are both sides of using mobile phones. Of course mobile phones bring some probles, but we can reduse using mobile phones to decline problems and it is expected that more davanced technological developments will appear soon.