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May 10, 2011 19:23
Dazzling Sun was slowly, as if it was unwillingly,going down to the horizon.
It was going with the great majestic, flooding a horizon with purple and golden shine and painting a part of a turquoise sky with some magic and tender playing tints.

Burning hot of the day has gone. There was cool in the air coming from wavy boundless sea. It seemed hard to breath enough of this fresh sea air.

The ocean was quietly rumbling. There was not a sound of threat in this rumbling. No threat to seamen whose nerves were always under the strong tension.
Mighty waves with white blinding tops were breaking against the hull with gentle noise. They were poured the ship with brilliant spray and roll her from side to side with tender care of attentive baby-sitter.

The silver band was foaming up behind the stern. Then it was disappearing far away merging into the waves.