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May 3, 2011 23:08
He was sitting on the keg and smoking a thick cigar. His face was lighted up by the lamp fastened to the mast.
It was oblong, not broad, with regular nose and big beautiful eyes.
His eyelids were going down hardly and then slowly rising up.
He was dozing.
But nevertheless his eyes were sleeping, his ears were not.
They were awake and ready to warn about danger even while he was deeply asleep.
There was heard only sighs and mumbling of sleeping people.
A bad smell of rotting shells was coming from the shore.
They were left for rotting in order to open them easier. This is quite difficult to open alive shellfish.
This smell could seems disgustful to unused person but not for this man. He was inhaling it with pleasure.
He, the tramp, was reminded by this smell of frivolous life joys and stirring risks of the sea.