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Apr 29, 2011 20:08
I was browsing in the internet and found some interesting things.
However, I am not sure that everything is truth.
Some British earl who lived in the end of XXVIII century was very famous of his game of chance liking.
He could play cards for several days without stop.
In order not to divert his attention out of the game, he ordered to bring him the bread flavored with something,
a butter, for instance.
The name of earl was Sandwich.
When Dmitriy Shostakovich was at a party hosted by British Queen, there was served up a tea with lemon.
After a composer had a tea, he took out a lemon from the cup with the spoon and ate it.
The court was shocked, but not Queen. She imperturbably took her lemon from the cup and ate too.
The incident became a precedent.
Since that an etiquette allows to eat a lemon taken from the tea.
Japanese scientists invented an invisible coat. It is made of materials, which reflects the subjects on the background. The camera transmits the video signal to the front surface of the coat. Due to this, a man fades in the landscape.(Hmm. Hmmm. Hmmm. If that so, when it will be available in the shops? And what will be approximate price for one unit?)
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