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Apr 28, 2011 05:12
Few days ago I was watching TV, I was tired and weak. There was some program , probably on “Discovery”, “National Geographic” or some similar channel.
The program was in Russian, translated from English by professional interpreters.It was talked about some lines. I did not understand how it was related to the subject of the topic.Several sentences seemed very strange.
After I got up and had some tea I suddenly got a brain-wave. They were talking about ropes!
When Russian speaking people hear a word: “ line”, they think first about the line drawn on paper, floor, or wall. So, they translated the line не как веревка, канат, а как линия. Though,the meaning was : line (a rope). Even further context did not lead them to right meaning.
I think that when English speaking people hear a word: “line”, they think first about a line which should be used for fastening something and only further context can change their perception.
Is it so?
May be you also found something like that some time with other words?
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