How to save time.

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Apr 25, 2011 18:40
Method of saving time (let’s escape from perfectionism)

Find a little time and think, why do you check yourself many times, pay too much time and attention to things which could be done in one minute?
Put down on the paper what disturbs you to work without mistakes and failures?
Usually there is only one reasondismay. It takes us into stress and disables to live normal life.
(I am really in panic as I am afraid to make a mistake and always must check everything which
has been already done. Sometimes I even do not remember if I have completed something or not.
I am afraid and ashamed not to keep my promises despite a can not cope with this all!)
Make an analysis, how real are your fear.
Is not it, may be even partly, the result of your own fantasy?
Think, are you responsible enough for your job?
The answer is positive off course.
Then why do you keep yourself so tensed?
How fatal are mistakes you may probably make doing your work?
It is unlikely that world will be turned upside-down if you mistook sending required paper
to wrong folder.
Most of mistakes are correctable with more or less time spending!
Find the balance with yourself, learn to respect yourself and your work.
Do not be hurry neither with pronouncements, nor with actions.
The work which is done quietly and thoroughly will give you satisfaction and as a result – self-reliance.
Moreover, the quality of such work will me much better.

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