For kanji beginner 2

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Mar 17, 2012 10:44
Let's get 3 kanjis.

There are many kanji which is similar shapes.

Can you translate the following sentence in Japanese?

■This is a big and fat dog.

The answer is:

So today's kanjis are 大, 太 and 犬.

Imagine the situation from the caracter, it is a knack of studying kanji.

<caracter / in hiragana / in English>
①大 おお(きい) big
image: A person who is spreading own both arms and both legs.

②太 ふと(い) fat,thick
image: A fat person who is turning over his shirt and showing his navel.
So we liken the under dot of 太 to fat person's navel.

③犬 いぬ dog
image: Snoopy who is look away.
We liken the upper dot of 犬 to Snoopy's ear.

In addition, I'd like to introduce 日, 白, 目, 自 and so on,
but it is too difficult that I explane it with my current English skill.
One day, I'd try.