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Aug 6, 2012 10:25
It's my day off today and tomorrow. I couldn't sleep enough this week. I'd like to sleep a lot today.

Recently,I quit drinking beer, stop eating in a fast food, snacks, soda, rice and oily food because I want to lose weight.

I could lose weight last summer but I rebounded from dieting immediately.
I realize I should build up my abdominal muscles. I try to do the groundwork.
My target weight is 65 kg (143lb), my weight is 68.5 kg (151lb) this morning.

It's very difficult to lose 3.5 kg (7.72lb)

I'm working at Takashimaya department store again recently, when I was 29, I have worked at Takashimaya department store.
My weight was only 55 kg (121.25lb) when I was 29.
Many store clerks said " You have to gain weight, You have to gain weight"
"Yeah, yeah whatever" "I understand" after that, I decided lose weight this summer season and I will exercise.

I want to look slim after two months.

This site is a very useful. kg→lb m→ft....